The most beautiful beaches of Skopelos

Suggestive beaches of white pebbles framed by thick pine forests and bathed by a crystal clear sea: a dream? No, these are the beaches of Skopelos!
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A crystal-clear sea in the most beautiful shades of blue, green or blue, pine forests that seem to fall into the water, tongues of white pebbles that sparkle in the sun: the beaches of Skopelos are a real delight.

If you like long sandy beaches, Skopelos is perhaps not the best island for you: most of the beaches are pebbles or mixed sand and pebbles. If instead you are looking for transparent sea, beaches immersed in the green and possibility to choose between remote coves and beaches with entertainment and services then Skopelos is perfect for you.

Our short guide to the most beautiful beaches of Skopelos will help you find your own little corner of paradise. We have divided it by areas, so finding the right beach will be even easier!

West Coast Beaches

The beautiful sea of Kastani

The west coast of Skopelos is, especially in the southern part, a succession of enchanting beaches easily accessible. Here are concentrated most of the equipped beaches of the island, including the most famous and frequented ones. The western coast is also, for obvious reasons, the best to admire the sunset.

Kastani Beach

1Paralia Kastani, Skopelos 370 03, Grecia

Kastani is the most fashionable beach of Skopelos, almost entirely occupied by a bar that plays loud music. The bar is famous for its grassy carpet, an oasis of coolness to relieve your feet when the pebbles of the beach get hot from the sun.

Panormos Beach

2Panormos Beach, Panormos 370 03, Grecia

A little quieter is the nearby Panormos, a beach that alternates between equipped and free areas, bathed by a crystal clear sea. The seabed becomes steep just a short distance from the shore, so be careful if you travel with small children or you are inexperienced swimmers.

Recommended instead to couples: this beautiful beach of white pebbles set in a circular bay bounded by two high promontories is the most suggestive place for a drink at sunset or a romantic dinner overlooking the sea … we could also say “on the sea” since the tables of the taverns are located one meter from the water.

Milia Beach

3Paralia Milia, Skopelos 370 03, Grecia

Another beach partly equipped and partly free is Milia, one of the largest of all Skopelos. It is a mixed beach of sand and pebbles, divided in two by a rocky promontory. The seabed slopes more gradually than that of Panormos and is sometimes rocky, ideal for those who love snorkeling. There are no taverns but only a couple of kiosks, including one very popular with young locals that starts playing music in the afternoon.

Hovolo Beach

4Hovolo Beach, Σκόπελος 370 03, Grecia

The beach of Hovolo

Hovolo (or Chovolo) is a particular beach and not “easy”, but its incredible beauty enters the heart of every tourist who has ventured here. It is a very narrow pebble beach bordered by high white cliffs on which pine trees grow. The white of the pebbles and the cliffs, the green of the pines, the blue of the sea: how enchanting!

This wonder, however, is not easy to conquer. You can only get there on foot along a steep path and at high tide some parts of the beach disappear, so you have to walk with your feet in the water.

From noon until sunset the beach is completely exposed to the sun, so if you plan to stay long bring with you an umbrella and lots of water (there are no kiosks or rental umbrellas).

South coast beaches

Also along the south coast of Skopelos you can find very beautiful beaches, some comfortable others more remote and wild.

Limnonari Beach

5Limnonari Beach, Skopelos 370 03, Grecia

The beach of Limnonari

The beautiful Limnonari is one of the very few sandy beaches in Skopelos, with a few rocks here and there. Rather long, it is a beach surrounded by nature, with pine forests almost next to the sea. There is a small kiosk where you can stock up on snacks and drinks.

Set in a deep U-shaped bay sheltered from the winds, Limnonari is the ideal beach to enjoy the sea even on days when the wind blows strongly from the west or north. It can be reached through a panoramic road from which you can enjoy breathtaking views.

Stafilos beach

On the east side of the south coast, just 4 km from Chora (capital of the island), there is Stafylos, a narrow beach mixed of sand and pebbles chosen by many tourists and residents because it combines the beauty of the natural scenery with the ease of getting there. Although it is almost always crowded, you can not give up a dip in its crystal clear waters.

If, however, the idea of bathing in the middle of a crowd does not attract you, move to Velanio: divided from Stafylos by a rocky promontory, it seems a whole other world. It is the only beach of Skopelos where nudism is officially possible.

Beaches of the east and north coasts

Along the northern tip and east coast of Skopelos you will not find any equipped beaches. The winds are strong, the roads are poor in some places and the beaches are difficult to reach, so many tourists prefer to avoid the area altogether.

Remote and wild, the beaches of the north coast of Skopelos will delight those who want to forget the hustle and bustle of modern life and immerse themselves in nature.

The most beautiful beach in this area is the beautiful Perivoliou Beach7 (or Perivoli), a treasure to be conquered with a winding drive and a steep staircase. Some tourists are content to admire the breathtaking view from the parking lot, but we find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t want to come down and spend a relaxing day in this paradise

Even more solitary is the adjacent beach of Aggeletou Beach8, similar to Perivoli but even less frequented.

However, not all the beaches of the north and east coast are difficult to reach. Glysteri Beach9 is a sort of city beach, reached by following a road to the north of Chora lined with olive trees. It is a nice beach but certainly not the most beautiful of the island, however it is very loved by tourists because it is one of the locations of the famous musical “Mamma Mia!”.


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article