The most beautiful beaches of Skiathos

The smallest of the Sporades boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean, but which are the best? Here are 10 beaches not to be missed in Skiathos.
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For years it has been rumored that Skiathos has the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean and every year thousands of tourists flock to the island driven by the desire for an unforgettable beach vacation.

They are never disappointed: the beaches of Skiathos, both the sandy and the rocky ones, are always immersed in a natural scenery of incredible beauty and bathed by a crystal clear sea of splendid colors, ranging from emerald green to deep blue.

Remote and wild or equipped beaches easy to reach, the beaches of the island satisfy every type of traveler: families, groups of friends, young singles, couples … But which is the right one for you? Choose it among the most beautiful beaches of Skiathos that we propose.

South Coast Beaches


Koukounaries is considered the most beautiful beach of Skiathos and Greece in general, a true paradise that has nothing to envy to the tropical beaches.

Umbrellas on the beach of Koukounaries

The most famous beach of Skiathos is undoubtedly Koukounaries, which despite its popularity manages to maintain an enchanting natural aspect, thanks to the extraordinary emerald sea that washes it and the thick pine forest behind it, which includes a large protected area or biotope.

Its extraordinary beauty has made it very famous and this has meant that in the area there are many hotels and the beach is equipped with many services, including some water sports centers.

Certainly in the past it was even wilder and more beautiful, but Koukounaries remains a small corner of paradise that has nothing to envy to more exotic beaches; more than a kilometer long, it is ideal for those who love walking on the shore.

On the beach there are also 3 excellent taverns where you can taste typical Greek dishes and excellent fresh fish.

On the left side of Koukounaries is the small, but exceptional, beach of Maratha.

Location: 16 kilometers from Skiathos Town

The bus stop to reach the beach of Koukounaries is number 22 or, if you want to walk a little more through the pine forest, number 23.


If Koukounaries is too noisy for you or if you simply do not like equipped beaches move to the nearby and little known beach of Abelakia. Here too you will find fine sand, clean sea and pine trees, but no crowds, no umbrellas and no taverns.

Basically it is a continuation of the beach of Koukounaries, from which only a few rocks separate it and which you can reach on foot if you wish. Just above the beach you will notice the hotel Xenia, a former public hotel that has been abandoned for years and has now become a sort of element of the landscape.

Banana Beach

Banana Beach is located along the west coast of Skiathos and consists of 2 small beaches very popular with young people. Exceptional at sunset!

A crescent-shaped bay (or banana, as the name suggests) surrounded by greenery, which includes two beaches divided by a group of rocks: this is Banana Beach, one of the most popular resorts for young people on vacation in Skiathos. Both beaches are of fine sand and bathed by a calm and clear sea.

Big Banana is the largest and if in the seventies it was a destination for nudists looking for a suggestive corner where to sunbathe or sleep under the stars, today it is a meeting place for young people who come to practice water sports or to have an aperitif on the beach. The two most famous beach bars of the beach are called – needless to say – Bananarama and Bananistas and propose live music and dj-sets.

Small Banana is not only smaller but also quieter and still occasionally frequented by some naturists.

The beaches are easily accessible by car (12 km from Skiathos Town) or by bicycle and the road will take you directly to the beach. There is ample space for parking under the trees.


Considered one of the most elegant beaches in Skiathos, Vromolimnos Beach is located along the southern coast of the island near Kolios.

Considered one of the most elegant beaches of Skiathos, the beach of Vromolimnos is located along the southern coast of the island, almost halfway between the town of Skiathos and the beach of Koukounaries, near the coastal resort of Kolios.

The beach, easily accessible by getting off at the bus stop number 13, takes its name from a small lake surrounded by reeds that is located a short distance away.

Almost always protected from the northern winds thanks to the wooded hills that surround it on both sides, the long beach of Vromolimnos has fine golden sand and offers every kind of service from beach bars and taverns to water sports agencies.

Vromolimnos is the second most popular beach on the island after Koukounaries. Here you can also admire beautiful sunsets and participate in beach parties.

In Vromolimnos you can find different types of accommodations, from apartments for rent to luxury hotels, cafes and restaurants and that is why it is a wonderful option for your stay.


Troulos beach is located near Koukounaries beach along the southern coast of Skiathos. The sandy beach is ideal for families.

Troulos Beachis located along the southwest coast of Skiathos, near Koukounaries Beach, and can be reached from bus stop number 18 of the island’s only bus.

The beach is named after the small rounded island of Troulonisi which is only 350 meters from the shore.

Troulos is a beautiful beach of fine golden sand, equipped, quiet and ideal for families since the sea slopes gently. In its surroundings there are also smaller and isolated beaches but difficult to access: you can rent a boat right on Troulos beach to reach them and enjoy greater tranquility.

It is possible to taste the dishes of Greek cuisine in the small restaurants on the beach or directly in the center of the village of Troulos, ideal for the stay and with a discreet nightlife.

From Troulos it is possible to reach on foot the beaches of the peninsula of Mandraki. For lovers of hiking there is a beautiful path that leads to the beach of Aselinos in about an hour and the monastery of Kounistria.

Monastery of Kounistra

Leaving the village of Troulos in the direction of Skiathos Town after 4 kilometers you will find, in a beautiful location, a small monastery with a very impressive chapel. It is open all year round from 8am to 8pm.

North Coast Beaches


Mandraki beach is located along the west coast of Skiathos not far from Koukounaries. Nearby are the beautiful beaches of Elias and Angistro.

The turquoise sea of Mandraki

Mandraki, also called Port of Xerxes, is the largest of the three beaches overlooking the bay of the same name, reachable with a pleasant walk through a thick pine forest from the bay of Koukounaries or easily by car. It is a quieter area than the famous seaside resorts of the south coast, and perhaps for this reason many tourists find it more suggestive.

Inserted in a scenic natural setting, Mandraki is a golden sandy beach bathed by a calm and shallow sea with a splendid turquoise color; it is equipped with some essential services such as umbrella rental and a small tavern.


Mandraki E lias (or more simply Elias) is perhaps the most beautiful of the three beaches of Mandraki Bay. More than a kilometer long, this beach is also equipped but the greater distances between an umbrella and another guarantee some privacy.


Angistro is the smallest and most intimate of the three beaches, reachable on foot from Mandraki Elias. Almost unknown to mass tourism, it is perfect for those who want absolute tranquility.

Beaches of the northeast coast


On the northern coast of Skiathos there is the beach of Aselinos, one of the most beautiful and enchanting of the island with a splendid but rough sea.

Aselinos beach, one of the most beautiful and enchanting bays of Skiathos, is located along the northern coast of the island at 13 kilometers from the city.

It is a quiet beach, if you exclude the times when the boats of the day trips arrive and pour on its shores groups of tourists armed with cameras. Arrive before them and enjoy this beautiful beach of coarse sand and small pebbles inserted in a harsh but fascinating natural setting.

The sea is a beautiful blue color and invites you to a refreshing swim … if it is not too rough, in that case sit on the shore and let yourself be caressed by the sound of thunderous waves breaking on the shoreline.

Just a little further east there is another small beach, Mikros Aselinos, very nice and with a tavern where you can eat typical Greek dishes. It is a bit more difficult to reach but it is worth it as it is more pristine and completely different from what you might expect.

Beaches of the northwest coast


Along the north coast of Skiathos is the beach of Lalaria, one of the most impressive in all of Greece. The beach is only accessible by boat.

The enchanting Lalaria with the arch of the rocks dug by the sea

Lalaria contends with Koukoumaries the title of the most beautiful beach of Skiathos. Difficult to establish who is the winner, but for sure this small beach of pebbles of light gray marble, dominated by an imposing mountain that seems to throw directly into the sea, is absolutely not to be missed.

The most fascinating element of Lalaria, which makes it unique compared to the other beaches of the island, is thenatural arch carved by the sea in the rocks: this natural wonder is probably the most photographed attraction of Skiathos.

Lalaria can only be reached by boat: if you don’t have your own boat, you can participate in one of the many excursions that stop here. Perhaps you could also add a visit to the nearby sea caves of Skopili and Galatia. However, if you have a private boat, visit it in the late afternoon: you could be the only ones on the beach and spend some wonderful and suggestive moments!

Lalaria is not equipped and there is no shade.

Megali Ammos

Megali Ammos is a long sandy beach located south of Skiathos Town. It is very popular and suitable for all types of tourists, including families

Just two kilometers from Skiathos Town and easily accessible by public transport, Megali Ammos is a lovely equipped beach very popular with those who want a comfortable vacation.

Its long golden sandy shore, the crystal clear shallow sea, the numerous services available and the typical taverns attract both families with small children and young people who want to practice water sports. If you want to sunbathe undisturbed, just move to the north or south end of the beach, generally less crowded areas.

Megali Ammos is also the ideal place to stay in Skiathos and offers many excellent facilities, from luxury hotels to small family-run guesthouses.

Megali Ammos is easily reached by bus – you can get off at stops 5, 6 or 7 – or on foot.


The closest beach to the city center of Skiathos is Xaneno, a bay of gray sand reachable with a walk of about 30 minutes.

From here, always on foot, you can move towards the beaches of Kalivia and Megali Ammos, but probably you will not want to do so, so great will be the pleasure of sunbathing in this cove generally snubbed by mass tourism.

The beach on the island of Tsougria

Tsougria is one of the 3 islands in front of the City of Skiathos, which can be visited in a day with a boat trip. The beaches are exotic.

Just in front of Skiathos Town, a few miles away, there is a group of small uninhabited islands with exotic charm, ideal for a boat excursion.

The island of Tsougria is the largest of the 3 and is located south of Skiathos. Its beaches of fine golden sand are enchanting, quiet and with an incredibly turquoise water that slopes gently making them suitable for children.

On the island of Tsougria, on the opposite side of the beaches, there is a tavern where to refresh: its food is so good that some people do not reach the island for the sea but for the food!

To the right of Tsougria is the island of Tsougriaki, small and rocky, has no notable beaches but is a very beautiful nature reserve.

The third island of the group is Arkos, the closest to the coast of Skiathos, and waiting for you you will find an excellent tavern.

Other beaches

Other recommended beaches of Skiathos, not less beautiful than the most famous Koukounaries or Lalaria. You will be fascinated by the sandy shores and nature!

Agia Eleni

Wonderful inlet with small beach of fine sand along the east coast of Skiathos from where to admire a wonderful sunset. Agia Eleni is a beach frequented by surfers.

Location: Near Koukounariés
Closest place: Xenia


Kastro is a beautiful small beach of gray pebbles that is located at the foot of the ancient city of Skiathos, in the northernmost part of the island.

Location: 1 hour and 30 walking from Skiathos, reachable by boat
Nearest place: Kastro

Aligaria beach

Semi-deserted beach because little known by tourists. Aligaria can be reached by following a path shaded by olive trees that starts in the vicinity of the monastery of Kounistra. once passed the road is not asphalted but it is very scenic and crosses valleys, pine forests and creeks.

Location: 6 kilometers after the monastery of Kounistra
Closest place: Skiathos city


The large bay of Elias, along the northwest coast of the island of Skiathos, is divided into two large golden sandy beaches, clean and little frequented also because they can be reached only on foot, from some rocks. The largest is the beach of Ghournes while the smallest is Agistros. To reach the beaches you will walk along a path of beaten sand surrounded by pine trees. The walk is about one hour. Ghournes is equipped.

Location: just after the monastery of Kounistra coming from Skiathos town
Closest place: Skiathos town11-07