Map of Greece

An interactive map of mainland Greece and islands to have an eye on the main tourist points of interest, airports, ports.
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Map of Greece

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Where is Greece

Greece is located in southeastern Europe and is bordered to the north and northeast by Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey, while to the south, east and west it has no land borders. The seas that bathe it are three: Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea and the Sea of Crete.

It is one of the most mountainous European states. Approximately 80% of its surface exceeds 700 meters above sea level, with altitudes well above 2000 meters in the Pindus mountain range. This mountain range branches off into the Peloponnese and many Aegean islands such as Crete. In continental Greece they offer a spectacular landscape the high and steep peaks cut by canyons, like The Meteors and the Gorges of Vikos.

Mount Olympus is the highest peak in Greece at 2919 meters above sea level.

The greek islands, the real peculiarity of Greece, cover one fifth of the total area of the nation. They are more than 3000, of which 227 inhabited.