The most beautiful beaches of Zakynthos

The beaches are the greatest attraction of Zakynthos: bays of fine sand, rocky coves and hidden beaches lapped by a crystal clear sea await you.
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The beaches of Zakynthos are among the most famous of all the Greek islands, just think of the Beach of the Wreck, the most photographed of the island and probably of the whole country: now become a symbol of the beauty of Greek beaches, is often chosen as the cover of tourist catalogs, guides and magazines.

Don’t be satisfied with the photos: come and see with your own eyes this natural wonder and discover the other enchanting beaches of the island, from the long sandy shores to the rocky fjords, all bathed by a very blue sea in which it is still possible to see turtles and seals swimming.

We present the most beautiful beaches of Zakynthos, divided into three areas: the west coast, which boasts the most beautiful beaches but difficult to reach by land; the east coast, the most varied; the Gulf of Turtles, on the southern side of the island, which for its ecological importance has been included in a natural park.

West Coast Beaches

The most spectacular beaches of Zakynthos, wedged between the rocks, are located along the west coast of the island. Difficult to access if not by boat.

The beaches of the western coast of Zakynthos, differently from the eastern side characterized by many long and sandy beaches and therefore ideal for families, are set among the high rocks.

The beaches along this indented coastline are difficult to reach by land.

In this part of the island, however, you can admire the sea and the most spectacular beaches of Zakynthos with fjords of incredible beauty: to the most spectacular, the Beach of the shipwreck1, we have dedicated a page.

Porto Limnionas

2Artemisia 290 92, Grecia

Porto Limniosas is a beach of Zakynthos particularly suggestive. It is a very long inlet, so much to seem a northern fjord but it is instead kissed by a generous sun and bathed by the clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Along the high rocky walls that surround this narrow arm of the sea you will find natural terraces and intimate coves: if you love rocky beaches this will be a corner of paradise for you.

A bit difficult to reach and without services, the beach of Porto Limniosas is perfect for those who want to sunbathe in a suggestive natural setting and for snorkelling lovers.

To get to Porto Limnionas you must first reach the village of Agios Leon and follow the well-marked road signs.


3Laganas 290 92, Grecia

It takes motivation to get to the beach of Plakaki, reachable through a steep path carved into the rock that starts from the mountain village of Agalas, but who wins the laziness is rewarded with the view of a sea of breathtaking colors. Be careful: the descent is steep and taking children with you could be risky.

The beach is nothing more than a large flat rock, where you can lie down to sunbathe, but with such beautiful water, it won’t be long before you feel an irresistible urge to dive in!

Don’t take a lot of stuff with you since the space is limited and the ascent could be tiring, but don’t forget the sunscreen and some water.

Porto Roxa

4Zante (Zacinto), Grecia

The enchanting fjord of Porto Roxa is ideal for snorkeling lovers. Several sea caves can be found in this unspoiled corner of Zakynthos.

Porto Roxa is a beautiful fjord that creeps along the western coast of Zakynthos not far from the villages of Limnionas and Agios Leon.

A small landing place for fishing boats and some flat rocks, ideal for spreading your beach towel, sunbathing and diving into the water, create a picturesque landscape.

Known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters, in which it will be a pleasure to dive after a few hours in the hot sun, the beach of Porto Roxa does not have equipment or trees under which to shelter from the summer heat, but is served by a small tavern.

To reach the fjord you have to go down some steps that lead to the sea while the more adventurous can dive into the water from a diving board that juts out at a height of four meters.

Porto Roxa is located near numerous sea caves and is the ideal destination for snorkeling and diving lovers.

Porto Vromi

5Porto Vromi Beach, Grecia

The small beach of Porto Vromi is located at the bottom of an enchanting fjord. From here small boats sail to the famous wreck beach.

The small and enchanting beach of Porto V romi is located at the bottom of a picturesque fjord along the northwest coast of Zakynthos, not far from the traditional villages of Anafonitria and Maries.

The beach of white sand and pebbles is not equipped and is particularly famous because from here depart some of the boats that allow to reach the wonderful beach of the wreck.

In Porto Vromi it is possible to rent pedal boats and thus explore the numerous caves that open along the stretch of coast. The small beach is also served by a small tavern.

East Coast Beaches

Some of the best beaches of Zakynthos, long stretches of golden sand and picturesque rocky coves, are found along the east coast of the island.

Along the eastern coast of Zakynthos there are several beaches of golden sand bathed by a crystal-clear sea which is shallow and therefore safe for children.

You can choose between beaches equipped with beach umbrellas and sun beds to rent, ideal for families on vacation who want maximum tranquility, fjords and coves of stones suitable for those who love unspoiled nature and snorkeling, or large beaches where you can practice water sports, recommended for young people who love the dynamic life.

Among the most beautiful beaches of eastern Zakynthos we point out the beach of Tsilivi, Banana beach, Alykes, Alykanas, Bouka, Tragaki, Aboula, Amoudi, Psarou, Makris Gialos, Xigia, Argasi and Porto Zoro.

Banana Beach

6Epar.Od. Zakinthou - Vasilikou, Zakinthos 291 00, Grecia

Banana Beach is the largest beach on the entire island of Zakynthos and this makes it livable all year round, despite being very popular and generally crowded. You will surely find a corner for you on this long and deep sandy shore, bathed by calm and clean waters.

It is an equipped beach, with many services, but it maintains a natural charm, perhaps thanks to the vast pine forest that surrounds it.

Banana beach is ideal for families on vacation thanks to its width that allows you to enjoy sea life without too much crowding and the presence of excellent tourist facilities.

Despite the many services offered, Banana Beach is immersed in a pleasant natural environment: the barren landscape and the fine golden sand make it a postcard landscape.

Banana Beach is located in the Vassilikos peninsula 14 kilometers south of Zakynthos city, between Argasi and Porto Roma beach, and it is the most extended of the whole island of Zakynthos.

Makris Gialos

Makris G ialos will enchant you at first sight. Even before arriving, along the scenic scenic road that leads to the beach, you will remain open-mouthed for the wonder, once you get on the beach you will feel like you are on vacation in the Caribbean.

The beach is made of sand and pebbles and the seabed, which alternates sand and rocks, descends rapidly creating an ideal habitat for many species of fish.

The exceptional transparency of the water, the abundance of fish and a number of suggestive underwater caves make this stretch of sea one of the best for snorkeling. Don’t forget your mask at home!

You’ll have the chance to admire superb sea caves: a kaleidoscopic spectacle of iridescent colors created by concretions. Take an underwater flashlight with you to observe corals and starfish.

The white sand and pebble beach of Makris Gialos is located along the northeastern coast of Zakynthos, a short distance from the traditional village of Volimes and 30 kilometers from Zakynthos town.


8Paralia Tsilivi, Planos 291 00, Grecia

One of the most touristy beaches of Zakynthos, Tsilivi is a long beach of fine sand that slopes gently down to the sea. There are many services available, which makes it a very popular beach with families with small children, who can play here in total safety, and groups of young people attracted by the possibility of practicing many sports activities.

If you find it too crowded, you can look for a quieter corner in one of the other beaches that open onto the wide gulf of Tsilivi.

Donkey Beach

9Paralia Mpouka, Arkadii, Grecia

Donkey Beach is a lovely amphitheater-shaped golden sandy beach ideal for a relaxing day. The atmosphere is enchanting.

If you readDonkeyBeach” and immediately thought of donkeys… well, you guessed it. Here in the past there were many donkeys and it is to them that this lovely sandy beach is dedicated, semicircular in shape, like an amphitheater, just one kilometer from the village of Tsilivi.

Donkey Beach, in greek called paralia Gaidaros, is a fairly quiet beach where you can find the essential services and a beach volleyball court; adjacent to the beach there is a characteristic harbor that, although less animated than in the past, is still used by fishing boats and some private boats.


10Alykanas Beach, Alikanas 290 90, Grecia

The beach of Alikanas is located next to the more famous beach of Alykes. Intimate and equipped, it is ideal to escape the summer crowds.

The beautiful beach of crystal clear water and fine sand of Alikanas is located along the east coast of Zakynthos and it is the continuation of Alykes beach.

Alikanas beach ends with a small harbor and unlike the adjacent beach, although it is equipped with deckchairs and beach umbrellas, taverns by the sea and agencies offering boat tours to visit the blue caves and water activities, it is much more intimate and solitary.


11Paralia Krioneri, Zakinthos, Grecia

The small bay of Krioneri is located near Zakynthos town and is much loved by snorkeling enthusiasts for its rocky seabed and crystal clear waters.

Although it is located a short distance from Zakynthos town, just one kilometer to the north, the small bay of Krioneri hides a heavenly stretch of sea with crystal clear waters and a rocky seabed.

The beach of pebbles and rocks makes entering the sea a bit difficult and it is better to bring rubber shoes for swimming.

A swim in the sea that laps the beach of Krioneri is recommended especially to lovers of snorkeling and underwater fishing since the rich seabed of the area is inhabited by octopuses!

Porto Roma

The enchanting and quiet beach of Porto Roma is a narrow tongue of golden sand and pebbles bathed by crystal clear waters

Porto Roma beach is located on the eastern tip of the Vasilikos peninsula 15 kilometers south of Zakynthos town and is part of the Zakynthos National Marine Park.

The beach, a narrow tongue of golden sand and a few pebbles, is named after the Zakynthian figure Alexandros Romas, a local character who had his abode here.

Porto Roma is an enchanting and quiet beach and is bathed by crystal clear shallow waters. Exceptional, then, the Mediterranean landscape that surrounds it.

From Porto Roma depart every hour boat trips that reach the beach of the wreck and the wonderful caves of the area.

Porto Zoro

13Zante 291 00, Grecia

Porto Zoro is an enchanting beach characterized not only by a beautiful limpid sea but also by a wonderful natural environment and curious rocks.

The enchanting sandy beach of Porto Zoro, intimate and cosy, is located on the south-eastern tip of Zakynthos and is characterized by a beautiful crystal clear sea and a wonderful natural environment.

Surrounded by pine forests and cliffs overlooking the sea and which frame the beach, Porto Zoro is located north of the village of Vassilikos and is easily accessible from the villages of Argassi and Xirocastelo and from Zakynthos city from which it is respectively 4, 7 and 15 kilometers away.

The beach has umbrellas and deck chairs for rent, several taverns and a parking lot. Along the beach there are particular rocky conformations that emerge from the water, creating an enchanting landscape.

Not far from Porto Zoro there are the beautiful beaches of Agios Nicolaos, Dafni, Gerakas, Banana Beach, Kamina, Porto Roma Beach and Sekania.


The lovely little beach of Xigia, solitary and quiet, is famous for its crystal clear sea and sulfur springs, exceptional for the skin.

The fabulous beach of Xigia is located along the wild northern coast of Zakynthos, 6 kilometers from the traditional village of Alykes. With sand of tropical colors, the beach is immersed in a striking landscape.

The bay is located at the foot of a steep cliff overlooking the sea and is bathed by wonderful crystal clear waters, a real paradise for snorkeling lovers.

The beach of white sand and pebbles is easily accessible by car and is located near some excellent taverns. Xigia is not very well equipped so remember to bring water and everything you need for a day at sea.

A sulfur spring, ideal for skin and aches and pains, gushes out inside a sea cave in this pristine corner of Zakynthos Island.

Beaches of the Gulf of Turtles

The Gulf of Turtles, or Gulf of Laganas, is located along the southern coast of Zakynthos and is famous for its fine white sand beaches.

The coast of the Gulf of Laganas

The beaches of the Gulf of Turtles are located in the southern part of Zakynthos along the stretch of coast from the beach of Cape Marathia to the beach of Gerakas.

Also known as Gulf of Laganas this area is characterized by the typical traits of the Mediterranean ecosystem and is rich in sandy beaches which alternate with rocks.

In this uncontaminated and paradisiacal natural environment, protected by a marine natural park, the Caretta caretta turtles come to reproduce and for this reason many beaches are interdicted to the public during the night hours.

The beaches of the Gulf of Turtles are located near the tourist resorts of Kalamaki, Laganas, Agios Sostis and, Porto Koukla and Keri.


15Paralia Dafni, Zakinthos 291 00, Grecia

The enchanting beach of Dafni (or Daphne Beach) is located on the promontory of Vassilikos within the protected area of the National Marine Park of the Gulf of Turtles and is considered one of the most beautiful of the island.

Not very equipped, Dafni fascinates for its marvelous blue sea that here, unique characteristic in the whole island, reaches temperatures between 27° and 30° C.

The golden sandy beach of Dafni, moreover, is off the most touristic paths and is closed from sunset to dawn.

The beach is between two rocky ends that surround it. In front of the coast, from where you can admire splendid views of the gulf of Laganas, there is a small islet that cannot be reached by boat since it is inside the protected waters where Caretta caretta turtles lay their eggs.

Not far from Dafni beach, reachable by a dirt road for 3 kilometers, there are the beautiful beaches of Agios Nicolaos, Gerakas, Banana Beach, Porto Roma Beach, Porto Zoro and Kaminia.


Gerakas is always inserted in the list of the 10 things to see absolutely in Zakynthos because it is a really unique beach: a tongue of sand that ends with a clay promontory, inserted in a natural context of breathtaking beauty.

On its shores the turtles caretta caretta come to lay their eggs; from May to October in the early hours of the morning it is possible to assist to the show of the hatching of the eggs and of the newborn specimens that take the way of the sea.

To ensure that this natural wonder continues to take place, the beach has been included in a protected natural area and retains a wild appearance, without services and away from human constructions; there are some restrictions to be respected, such as the hours of access to the beach.


17Spiaggia di Laganas, Laganas 290 92, Grecia

Completely different from the wild Gerakas, paradise for nature lovers, is Laganas, meeting place of young people on vacation in Zakynthos.

The sea here is also clean and transparent, but this long stretch of sand, where you can find all sorts of services, is famous for the beach bars that offer drinks and music until late at night, attracting a young public in search of nightlife.


18Paralia Kalamaki, Laganas, Grecia

Surrounded by a thick pine forest, the sandy beach of Kalamaki is a bit of a middle ground between the genuine Gerakas and the fashionable Laganas, to which it is actually connected and which can therefore be reached on foot.

The first part of Kalamaki is usually very crowded, but just walk to the end of the beach, marked by a promontory that juts into the sea, to find tranquility: this stretch of beach is usually almost deserted.

Marathia Cape

19Zante 290 92, Grecia

On the tip of the Gulf of Turtles, 22 kilometers from Zakynthos town, there is the beautiful promontory of Marathia.

Easily reachable by following a small road that runs along the coast Marathia enclosesseveral little frequentedbeaches and characterized by smooth stones.

The beaches of Cape Marathia, a corner of paradise often uncrowded, are ideal for those who love a Spartan sea life but immersed in nature and those who are used to snorkeling: in this stretch of coastline the sea is clear and full of fish!

Only the largest beach is equipped with services, refreshments and sea equipment: there is also a taxi-boat that leads to the island of Marathonissi.

Limni Keri

20Keri, Grecia

The lovely beach of Limni Keri is located on the southwestern tip of Zakynthos and is ideal for those seeking a quiet stay.

The small and enchanting beach of Limni Keri winds at the foot of the village from which it takes its name, on the slopes of Cape Marathia, and is lined with stores and typical restaurants.

The pretty beach of Keri, surrounded by leafy trees, consists of small smooth pebbles while its seabed is sandy.

Keri is part of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and from its marina you can embark to the discovery of the island of Marathonissi, the caves of Keri and this enchanting stretch of coast.

Porto Koukla

21Paralia Agios Sostis, Ag. Sostis, Grecia

The double beach of Porto Koukla is located in the center of the Gulf of Turtles and offers beautiful views over the wide bay of the southern coast of Zakynthos.

Porto Koukla beach is exactly in the center of the turtles gulf, along the southern coast of Zakynthos, and offers a wonderful panoramic view on the whole area.

Narrow and long, this tongue of sand is divided in two beaches: one can be reached only by sea while the second can be reached through a small road.

Both beaches of Porto Koukla are ideal for a relaxing day at sea!


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article


Navagio beach

Navagio beach

The beach of the wreck, Navagio for the Greeks, is the most beautiful and spectacular beach of Zakynthos, a true paradise for the eyes, reachable only by sea.
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