Things to do in Lefkada

Things to see in Lefkada include not only beaches, but also cultural centers, villages, unspoiled islets, ancient villages, churches and monasteries.
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Lefkada, the island of slowness, never tires of surprising, always offering new opportunities and new things to see, to be fascinated not only by the color of the sea, but also by its history and traditions. On the island it is easy to come across one of several beaches worth seeing, such as Porto Katsiki beach, Mylos beach, or Egremini beach. Different depending on the exposure of the island, more rocky or flat, they ensure the spectacle of a sea that can be called that of the Caribbean of Europe.

The island of Lefkada is also surrounded by many islets that are worth an excursion to admire their naturalness, such as the islet of Meganisi, the most populous, retains turquoise waters and pebble beaches, unspoiled and stunning.

Admire the natural beauty of the Dimossari waterfalls, a natural gorge that owes its name to the presence of old mills, where the water of the falls surrounded by vegetation and rocks gives an unmissable scenery. The island, however, combines natural beauty with a history that is still alive and present, evidenced by the various cultural centers and architectural bulwarks such as the ruins of ancient Nirikos, the Venetian fortress of Agia Mavra or the various museums of Lefkada Town , the Archaeological Museum, the Post-Byzantine Icons Collection and the Library.

Lefkada Town

Lefkada Town is the island’s capital, is located a few kilometers from the airport and offers beaches, entertainment and cultural points of interest.

Panorama of Lefkada Town

Lefkada Town is the main urban center of Lefkada Island, the island’s capital since 1684, located in the northern part just 20 minutes from the airport and characterized by a unique and different style throughout Greece.

For nature lovers, Lefkada Town hosts within it the Lefkada Lagoon, a protected natural area of international importance, where it is possible to go birdwatching and observe rare species of birds, such as small herons, wild ducks or swans.

The beaches of Lefkada town attract many tourists who seek the beauty of this island’s Greek sea but also the vibrancy of a town full of amenities and entertainment opportunities. The beaches of Kastro, Myloi and Ai Giannis are located here.

Lefkada town can be admired for its historical and architectural beauties such as the various churches of Aghios Nicolaos, the church of Aghios Dimitrios, and the monastery of Panaghia Faneromeni, but also for the beaches and seaside resorts that are crowded with tourists during the summer season.

Lefkada town may be the right compromise for those who decide to visit the island but stay in the heart of a city, avoiding the quieter and more isolated locations of the seaside villages scattered throughout the island. Here it is possible to indulge in a stroll along the road that runs along the bay, among bars and small clubs where one can spend one’s evenings, admiring the view from the waterfront that continues next to the port. Most of the island’s nightlife is concentrated there, with music until late at night, aperitifs and taverns, and entertainment for all tastes and ages.


Nydri is the liveliest center for nightlife on Lefkada, but it is also a small village with a wealth of accommodations for staying on the island.

The port of Nydri

Nydri is, without a doubt, the most active and cosmopolitan center on the island of Lefkada, where beaches, relaxation, entertainment, and tourist attractions are concentrated. Located halfway between Lefkada town and the village of Vasiliki, it has about 800 inhabitants who devote themselves, mostly during summer periods, to the activities of the small port, with boat tours to Meganisi, Ithaca and Kefalonia.

The village and port of Nydri are also famous for having a very special view of the Onassis Islands, namely the island of Scorpios and other small islets that belonged to the Onassis family. In Nydri it is possible to appreciate the rich vegetation that covers the island all the way to the coasts, full of olive groves and vineyards, but it is also possible to admire other phenomena of nature such as the waterfalls of Rachi, in the small village of the same name, streams among green hills that form small ponds of water in spring and autumn.

From Nydri it is easy to reach the bay of Vlicho, a small boat shelter, the small peninsula of Geni, and the church of Aghia Kiriaki, which, overlooking the coves of Nydri, is the setting for wonderful fairy-tale weddings.

The village of Nydri is ideal both for families with children seeking the comforts of well-equipped accommodations, close to the sea and small towns with restaurants and promenades, and for young people seeking fun. In fact, Nydri is also one of the liveliest centers for nightlife in Lefkada, including bars and small clubs that with music until late at night fill the streets along the harbor.

Visiting Nydri is a must for tourists on Lefkada, both for the famous and stunning beaches and for the active and lively center. Among the village’s special features is a custom to which all tourists succumb, a photo with the monument dedicated to Onassis, to whom much of the island’s tourism evolution is owed.


Vasiliki is one of Lefkada’s most famous towns, located in the south of the island and offering beautiful beaches, boat tours and several attractions for tourists.

Porto Katziki Beach

The center of Vasiliki was born on the remains of an old fishing village and today is known as the main center for water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing on the island. Vasiliki Bay, in fact, is constantly windy and is home to a beach made of pebbles, with accommodations for those who want to engage in sports or just relax by the sea.

The wind that blows in Vasiliki Bay is called “Eric” and accompanies the afternoons of avid sailors, while many other attractions prompt tourists to choose this bay as the location for their stay in Lefkada. Vasiliki is ideal as a port of call on the island but also as a starting point for boat tours organized by the small marina to discover Kefalonia and Ithaca.

The small village of Vasiliki is hospitable and full of life, with taverns, small stores, and many other attractions for tourists, as well as studios, apartments, and hotels located in close proximity to the coast. After Nydri, it is the second richest and most visited center on the island, full of seaside restaurants where you can enjoy real Greek cuisine with freshly caught fish specialties.

To reach Vasiliki, south of the island of Lefkada, one can move from Porto Katziki beach to the bay, admiring it from above. Upon reaching the bay, one of the must-do excursions Vasiliki offers is by cab boat to the nearby beach of Agiofili, a wild, unequipped beach but with turquoise waters so clear they leave one breathless.

Meganisi Island

Meganisi Island, the largest of the seven islands surrounding Lefkada, is a natural paradise of caves and small bays to discover.

Meganisi, along with the other small islands of Thilia, Petalu, Kithros, Kalamos, Madouri, Skorpidi, Kastos, and Skorpios, is one of Lefkada’s seven sisters, islets that surround it in the Ionian Sea.

How to get to the island

The island of Meganisi is the largest of the seven islets and welcomes quiet, relaxing tourism amid the green olive groves and vineyards that can be reached by the various cab boats or boat tours organized from Lefkada to the small bays of Ampelaki, Mpalos, and Elia. The easiest way to reach the island is by ferry from the village of Nydri, on the island of Lefkada, from which ships and organized tours depart daily.

What to see

Meganisi offers several ways to stay such as typical and quaint villages where you can find hotels or studios for rent, and it is also known as the island of mills, scattered throughout the island and dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. The major settlements on the island of Meganisi where to look for accommodation are Vathy, Katomeri and Spartochori. Always characterize this island numerous caves, born among the boulders formed like flowers all over the bay, among which the most famous is Papanikoli, accessible only from the sea and a good 30 meters deep.

The beaches of Meganisi

The main beaches on the island of Meganisi are those of Fanari, Agios Ioannis, Roka, Ambelaki, Limonari, Elia and Pasoumaki. In addition to spectacular beach views and small, quaint villages, Meganisi also offers remnants of art and culture from the past, such as the monastery of St. John, dating from 1477 and considered the oldest on the island, or the legendary Cyclops Cave, which, according to myths handed down for centuries, would be located on the very island.

Tours and activities in Lefkada

If you want to fill your visit to Lefkada with more than just the sea, you can instead decide to visit the tourist center of Nydri, an old fishing village that, overlooking the Scorpio Islands of the Onassis family, is now full of accommodations, taverns, restaurants, clubs and lots of fun. From Nydri it is easy to reach the island’s capital, the lively and picturesque town of Lefkada, with typical colorful wooden houses, churches, and museums, and also the towns of Syvota and Vasiliki. Here in Vasiliki all windsurfers from all over Europe gather, taking advantage of the ideal winds for water sports.

Lefkada is also ideal for trekking enthusiasts ; in fact, among the things to do are more than 30 walking trails among the olive groves, pine trees and mills of the island’s mountainous hinterland, with views of the sea and the hills and islets in front, with trails of varying length and difficulty. Many boat excursions are organized from the ports of Nydri, Vasiliki and Lefkada to the islets of Skorpios, Sparti and Meganissi, or to Cafalonia and Ithaca.

Escursioni in barca

For lovers of history and culture, the island of Lefkada also offers many opportunities for cultural excursions to the historic and fascinating places that characterize the old villages, marinas, small towns among the mountains, monasteries and churches. So many opportunities to learn about the culture of an island, a port of different cultures that have inhabited and conditioned it over the centuries, through real testimonies of villages and open-air museums.

Finally, there is no shortage of choices for food tourism enthusiasts , including typical foods such as olive oil, Englouvi lentils, chicken meat from the “koptopoulo” or fresh fish cooked on the grill, directly from the fishermen who run the taverns in the marinas.

Lefkada’s shopping is not as exciting and unrestrained as that of large European cities or capitals, however, there are local shopping opportunities for tourists, including olive wood artifacts, organic products, honey and other typical products that are unique.

Nightlife in Lefkada

Lefkada’s nightlife offers entertainment for all tastes, and between bars, clubs, discos and restaurants it manages to satisfy all needs.

Wilder than bustling Corfu, the island of Lefkada also offers many possibilities for a lively, fun-filled nightlife for young people, couples and groups.

In Lefkada town

On the island, nightlife is mainly concentrated in Lefkada town, the island’s bustling metropolitan center, which is bustling and crowded, especially during the summer months, with restaurants, promenades and small clubs. This is home to the Porto Cafe and Bar, Capital nightclub, Havana Cuban Cafe, Joy Bar and Sea to See, among others.

In Nydri

Center most popular with young people for the renowned nightlife that is intertwined with the harbor and the beautiful sea, giving days at the beach and evenings among busy bars and restaurants. Popular venues include the Sail nightclub, Bubbles Bar, Tree Bar, and Sunset & Star.

In Kathisma

Here is Copla, a well-known bar and restaurant popular with tourists on Lefkada, as well as several other bars offering beach service and pool parties with music until late in the evening.

The island, therefore, offers possibilities for all tastes. For fans of disco and late hours, lovers of strolls along the shore, for those who just want to have a drink and relax in a small bar by the sea, or for those who want to indulge in a typical Greek dinner and a stroll through the small streets of the towns and on the coastal ports.