Things to do in Kefalonia

Among the things to see in Kefalonia there are not only many beautiful beaches but also works of art and architecture, villages, mountains and natural phenomena
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The island of the black pine, Kefalonia, offers many ideas on what to see to spend a vacation discovering an island that offers landscapes and details not to be missed. The biggest island among the seven Ionian sisters is, in fact, known for its mountainous territory, for the historical memories related to the Second World War and for the numerous beaches that make it a natural paradise.

The most fascinating places on the island are certainly those of the seaside resorts that offer unique scenery and landscapes, such as the most famous beach of Myrtos, included among the thirty most beautiful beaches in the world, located in the region of Pylaros, with crystal clear sea and white pebbles. The beaches of Kefalonia are distinguished in small and characteristic coves such as Assos, large coastal areas such as Antisamos and Skala, ports and inlets such as Argostoli, Lassi and Lixouri.

The island is also characterized by the presence of many caves and coves such as the Cave of the Nymphs in Lake Melissani, two kilometers from Sami, where salt water and fresh water come together for a unique natural spectacle.

Beaches and seaside resorts

The famous Myrtos Beach

Not to be missed is certainly the most beautiful and famous of the beaches of Kefalonia, the Myrtos beach, symbol of the island that with its clear waters makes the coast a postcard landscape. In addition to this one, located in the northwestern part of the island, there are many other beaches visited by tourists throughout the summer season, rich in infrastructure and services for the reception, but sometimes also more sheltered and less known. Among the many are worth visiting the beach of Skala, Antisamis, Sami, Ligia and many others located along the coast from east to west.

Kefalonia Villages

The ideal way to visit and get to know Kefalonia is to climb aboard a car and drive through the many villages and towns that have resisted in whole or in part to the reconstruction after the earthquake of 1953, photographing characteristic villages such as Lixouri, Fiskardo, Kastro, Assos and Skala. Villages in which it is possible to find the typical beaches of the Greek island together with unique elements of small sea ports, semi-deserted towns or small villages dedicated to tourism.

Besides Argostoli, to which we have dedicated an entire article, do not miss:


Fiskardo, in the north of the island, is the most characteristic and romantic village in Kefalonia, with stores, restaurants and beaches for tourists.

Splendid view of Fiskardo

Fiskardo is the village in Kefalonia that has most resisted the ruin of the devastating earthquake of 1953, maintaining the shape and characteristic appearance of its old houses, remaining a picturesque and unique village among the things to see in Kefalonia.

Colorful houses, small bars, typical restaurants and Venetian-style buildings welcome the many tourists who choose Fiskardo as the destination of their stay in Kefalonia, to enjoy the peace and relaxation of a town compared by some to the Italian Portofino. Yachts dock here and international celebrities spend the summer here, making it a popular resort with many events all summer long.

Along the road inhibited to the traffic of the cars that coasts the port you can find inlets where you can spend a day of sea, stones and flat rocks from which to dive as well as a beach equipped with everything necessary for tourists. To few kilometers, besides, the beaches of Foki and Emplisi are reached.

In addition to the romantic atmosphere of the port and the beautiful sea of Fiskardo beach, the village also offers other types of attractions such as the Norman Ruins dating back perhaps to the eleventh century which are the remains of an old church that, according to tradition, had to accommodate the remains of Guiscardo, Norman leader from which the village would take its name.

Fiskardo is not only one of the places not to be missed in a tour of the island of Kefalonia, but it is also the destination to suggest for the stay of young couples and families looking for a quiet and romantic corner of paradise, where they can enjoy the sea and more.


Sami is the main port of Kefalonia, here you can visit many sites of historical and cultural interest as well as its small beach.

Sami is the main port of Kefalonia, where the ferries of the companies that connect the island with the rest of Greece and Italy dock.

Located along the east coast, it is a destination for mostly young tourists looking for a place on the island where they can combine days at the beach with the discovery of sites of historical and cultural interest. Here in Sami, in fact, it is possible to visit theAcropolis of the ancient Sami with the ruins of the city walls that welcome inside the Church of Agios Nikolaos, medieval church of which survive the frescoed apse and various paintings. Walking from Sami towards the beach it is possible to reach the Monastery of Agrillon, dating back to the 18th century, from which it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast.

A few kilometers from the center of the village there are two wonderful caves, natural spectacles that attract and fascinate curious tourists, the Cave of Melissani in the homonymous lake, where the light penetrating from a vault collapsed as a result of the earthquake creates games of light and colors, and the Cave of Drogarati, dating back about 100 million years ago, almost entirely covered with stalactites and stalagmites.

Sami also offers a small and cozy beach, partly equipped with every comfort for tourists, and not far from another of the most beautiful beaches of the island, the beach of Antisamis.


Assos, in the peninsula of Erissos, is a small village where you can admire the old castle and the splendid sea of the two small pebble beaches.

The beach of Assos

The village of Assos is located a few kilometers from the beach of Myrtos, completely immersed in the green is reachable only through a small road passable by car.

The main attraction of Assos is its coast formed by a small beach of stones, reachable through a small road that runs along cypress trees, and another, always small, beach mixed of stones and sand located on the road that leads to the castle.

The castle of Assos is the other major attraction of the village for tourists and visitors. Located a few kilometers from the center of the village, the castle is what remains of an old prison in use until 1953, and offers a stunning view of the harbor of the village.

The village of Assos is small but really characteristic, original and unique in its kind, a destination for tourists who do not miss a walk in its alleys, a dinner in the restaurants near the sea or a day at the beach in the small free beach overlooked by ruins of old houses and small bars.

Natural sights

Lake Melissani

Leaving the beaches, crowded by tourists in the hottest months of the summer, Kefalonia is also ideal for those who, to the wonders of the sea, want to combine charm and discovery of nature. To see is Melissani Lake, two kilometers from Sami, discovered in 1951, is a real freshwater underground lake located inside a cave, easily accessible by boat. Here it is possible to admire a unique natural phenomenon, a mix of fresh and salt water inside the so-called “cave of the nymphs”, illuminated by the rays of the sun which filter through the vaults collapsed after the earthquake.

Also just a few kilometers from Sami and equally amazing as a natural phenomenon, is the Cave of Drogarati, two enormous rock chambers where stalactites and other natural secretions can be admired. Inside the Drogarati Cave the rocky walls create excellent acoustics to the point that it is often used as a concert hall.

The Mountain

Kefalonia is a peculiar island also because of its mountainous conformation, thanks to which the inland enjoys a rich flora of forests, pines and olive groves. Mount Enos is the highest of the island, located in the southern part, declared National Park in 1962 and home to many species of animals. Here it is possible to make excursions, walks and trekking, to distract the vacation from the beaches and the sea of the island and enjoy a glimpse of the verdant mountains of Kefalonia.

Art and Culture

If, in addition to the days spent by the sea, caves and hiking in the mountains, you want to know the origins and history of the island through its works of art and architecture, Kefalonia will not disappoint you. Among the things to see on the island there are also monasteries, fortresses and artifacts dating back to the populations that dominated the island, including:




Argostoli is the capital city of Kefalonia, located in the central part of the island and offering beaches, stores and attractions for tourists
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