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Below the weather forecast for Kefalonia for today and next days. Weather conditions are updated in real time.
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Today in Kefalonia
broken clouds
Right now there are 20 °C
20° C
20° C
22° C
23° C
23° C
WindS 2.63
Humidity85 %
Cloudy74 %
Sunrise 06:22
Weather forecast in Kefalonia for the next few days
Wednesday 22
Thursday 23
Friday 24
Saturday 25
Sunday 26
Monday 27

Kefalonia Climate in: best time to visit, weather by month, temperature

Weather conditions in real time and forecasts for the next few days in Kefalonia. Climate in in Kefalonia, when to go and average monthly temperatures.

The island of Kefalonia enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, for this reason it is splendid in the months from May to October, during which temperatures vary from 23° in the first months of the summer season to over 30° in the hottest months of July and August. Characteristic of the island is the presence of light winds that, in some days, refresh the air of the hottest months of the summer. From October begin the coldest days of winter on the island, always mild and rainy, characterized by clear days and sea breezes that alternate with rainy days.

When to go to Kefalonia

The island of Kefalonia enjoys a mild climate that makes it perfect to visit both in spring and summer, for a quiet or more eventful tourism.

Kefalonia is the ideal island for summer vacations, but not only! If your biggest doubt is to choose the best period to go to Kefalonia, its pleasant and generally warm climate will make your choice easy.

The ideal period to visit the island is definitely between May and October. Particularly in the summer months, which range from the end of May to the last days of September, the island gives the best of its Mediterranean climate, with temperatures reaching 30° and maximum peaks during the hottest days of August, always mitigated by a sea breeze that makes tourism pleasant. During the month of August there is a concentration of tourists, so the small towns are full of bars, restaurants and clubs, stores and small taverns that attract visitors both during the day and for wonderful summer evenings.

During the spring, however, in the months of March, April and May, the island offers a mild climate, with little rain, ideal for a relaxing tourism in the quiet beaches, still uncrowded. Thanks to the sea breeze typical of Kefalonia you will have hot days and cool evenings, ideal for walks and excursions inland.

Many tourists choose to visit the island during the autumn months, from September to November, during which the climate still allows you to enjoy sunny days on the beach, in the quiet of an almost deserted island.

Average annual temperatures

The hottest months of the year in Kefalonia are June, September, July and August, when the monthly average temperature reaches 29 °C, while the coldest months of March, January and February the thermometer drops up to 5 °C.

Max °C121214172226292926211713
Min °C556912161818161397


In Kefalonia rainiest months of the year are November and December during which monthly rainfall average reaches 115 mm. On the other side, driest months are June, August and July when the average rainfall is reduced to 0 mm per month.


Average daily sunshine hours

June, August and July are sunniest months of the year. During that months, from sunrise to sunset there are 14 total sunshine hours in Kefalonia. In February, November, January and December sunshine hours are reduced to 6.


Sea temperature

Months of the year when sea water is warmer are July, September and August, average temperature is around 26 °C.