The most beautiful beaches of Corfu

Zone by zone here is where to go to find the most beautiful beaches of Corfu of sand, rock or pebbles. Enchanting corners where to live a dream vacation!
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Face it: one week will not be enough to see all the most beautiful beaches of Corfu. There are too many of them to be condensed into a single vacation, which is good news for sea lovers because it means that more or less everywhere you can find a dream corner where you can lay your towel.

The beaches of Corfu are not only many, but also very different: you can sunbathe stretched out on sandy beaches several kilometers long, tiny coves hidden between imposing cliffs or tongues of sand set at the end of fjords created by limestone rocks… And not only sand: there are also enchanting rock or pebble beaches.

There are beaches for families, for young people, for lonely souls, for nudists, for couples, for nature lovers, hidden treasures and secrets known to all. The sea is wonderful, but the quality of services in the equipped beaches is also high: more than 30 beaches in Corfu have been awarded the Blue Flag.

With so much choice deciding where to go can be difficult. To help you out, we have selected 15 must-see beaches in Corfu and divided them by area. Focus on one area at a time, devoting a couple of days to it, and even with just one week you’ll be sure to have seen the best this much-loved Greek island has to offer.

Corfu Town Beaches and Surroundings

The city beaches of the capital of Corfu are coves close to the fortress, generally uncrowded and frequented mostly by locals. They are certainly not the most fascinating of the island, but they are perfect for a refreshing dip or a short nap.

Moving a few kilometers from the city center there is Gouvia, a typical seaside resort with megahotels and resorts, but going even further north there are places with more beautiful beaches.


1Paralia Ipsos, 490 83, Grecia

Dassia is a beach of pebbles and gravel in correspondence of a small village very popular among tourists. It is an equipped beach and the seabed is shallow, two characteristics that make it one of the most popular beaches of Corfu for families with small children; however, it is also suitable for young people who want sports activities and nightlife.

Although it is very busy, Dassia maintains a natural charm, thanks to the fine pebbles and multicolored stones that create suggestive light games with the clear waters of the sea.


2Ipsos beach, Ypsos 490 83, Grecia

Long, easily reachable and rich in clubs, Ipsos is one of the most touristic beaches of Corfu, particularly loved by young people for its lively nightlife.

It is a sandy beach just under 2 kilometers long, with gently sloping seabed: perfect for those who love relaxing walks with their feet in the water!

Other beaches on the east coast

The most famous beaches of the east coast are those around Corfu Town, but you can also find beautiful beaches and coves moving further north or, on the contrary, going down to the south. When it comes to beautiful beaches in Corfu you are never wrong!


3Benitses Beach, Benitses 490 84, Grecia

Benitses is another typical seaside resort: a small quiet village once inhabited only by fishermen and now devoted to tourism. The beach is a long strip of sand and stones, it is easy to reach by car or bus thanks to the road that runs parallel and is equipped with all services.

Near the main beach there are other smaller ones, recommended for those who want more tranquility, and a small port from which boat trips around the island.


4Paralia Mesoggi, 490 80, Greece

Inserted in a gentle hilly landscape in the south-eastern part of Corfu, the beach of Messonghi is a long sandy beach lying on a wide bay and bordered behind by pine trees and olive groves.

You can combine an afternoon of relaxation on this beautiful beach with a visit to Lake Korission, a lagoon close to the sea inhabited by many species of birds.


5Nissaki Beach, Nisaki 490 83, Grecia

One of the best beaches for snorkeling and diving in Corfu is Nissaki, in the northernmost part of the east coast. It is a quiet rocky beach; the sea is of an extraordinary color and transparency and nearby there are suggestive sea caves.

There are free areas and others equipped, but generally it is not a very crowded beach.

Beaches of Paleokastritsa and surroundings

One of the most famous areas for seaside tourism in Corfu is Paleokastritsa, situated in the center-northern part of the western coast at about 25 km from the capital.

The name is sometimes used to indicate a specific beach, others to indicate a rather wide area which includes several bays and coves with sand and pebble beaches, which can cause some confusion.

With one exception, all the beaches in the Paleokastritsa area can only be reached by sea, but thanks to the cab boat service you can get there in a few minutes; another possibility is to participate in a boat trip or rent one: these two solutions allow you to visit more beaches in one day. If you opt for the public service pay attention to the timetables, especially those of the return.

In this stretch the sea is deep and the coast is full of caves: a true paradise for snorkeling lovers.


6Palaiokastritsa 490 83, Grecia

The beach that gives its name to the area of Paleokastritsa is perhaps the least suggestive, however it is easy to reach, is an excellent introduction to the beauty of the area and is equipped with all necessary services. It is the only equipped beach of the area and for this reason it is also the most frequented by families.

Paradise Beach

7Greece, Paleokastrites, Grecia

Chomi Beach was renamed as Paradise Beach, the name by which it is most famous today. It is a long, narrow beach of white pebbles behind which rise high vertical rock walls; on the northern edge of the beach there is an underwater cave.

Like all the other bays in the area is not equipped but has some basic services: it is possible to rent chairs and umbrellas (but you have to get there early to grab one!) And at lunchtime is served by a boat that acts as a traveling bar.

Although it is very busy, it is never overcrowded; it is wide enough for everyone to find a corner for themselves and to take relaxing walks along the shore.

Mikro Kastelli

8Corfù 490 83, Grecia

Similar to Paradise Beach as landscape but much smaller and completely devoid of services is the tiny beach of Mikro Kastelli, a handkerchief of land snatched from a blue sea with waters as clear as those of a swimming pool, dominated by a high promontory of white rock reminiscent of the white cliffs of Dover in England … with a much more pleasant temperature! A true enchantment, remote and little known.

Other beaches on the west coast

The west coast of Corfu gives no respite to lovers of the beautiful sea! After leaving the area of Paleokastritsa to the north, one encounters to the south a series of splendid beaches, including one of literary fame.


9Paralia Mirtiotissa, Parelia 491 00, Grecia
For many tourists the absolute most beautiful beach of Corfu is Myrtiotissa(or Mirtiotissa), already praised by the British travel writer Lawrence Durrell as “the most beautiful beach in the world”. Lush vegetation and total peace are the great virtues of this sandy beach interspersed with rocks and cliffs, bordered by high cliffs covered with greenery.

Remote and solitary, Myrtiosissa was for a long time the most famous nudist beach of Corfu; today it is frequented mostly by people in costume, but the idyllic atmosphere has remained intact.

You can get there by car or bus from the nearby village, but from there you have to walk up a steep path to reach the beach.


Also in Glyfada you will find golden sand and rocky promontories covered with vegetation, but the atmosphere is completely different from Myrtiosissa. It is a tourist beach, famous for its lively beach bars and natural pools created by a group of rocks on one side of the beach.

It is located in the center of the west coast, and because of this position it can be easily reached from Corfu Town by following a road with suggestive views that cuts the island in half.


11Paralia Chalikounas, 490 84, Grecia

Halikounas is an atypical beach: it is a long strip of dark sand, beaten by strong winds that make it the favorite destination for fans of kitesurfing and windsurfing.

It is usually snubbed by all other tourists and is therefore recommended for those looking for a wild-looking beach where you can forget the chaos of the most fashionable places.

Agios Georgios Pagi

Not to be confused with another beach called Agios Georgios in the southern part of the same side of the coast, Agios Georgios Pagi is located north of Paleokastritsa and is a beach of thick sand 5 km long, lying on a wide bay in the shape of a perfect crescent.

The rocky promontories and hills behind it are covered with Mediterranean vegetation and represent an excellent vantage point for taking pictures of the bay and the nearby villages.

North Coast Beaches

The north coast of Corfu is one of the most enchanting, scattered with coves and inlets still untouched by mass tourism. The color of the sea ranges from turquoise to emerald green.

Canal d'Amour

13Sidari 490 81, Grecia

The suggestive Canal d’Amour near the characteristic village of Sidari is one of the unmissable attractions in Corfu as well as one of the most romantic corners of the island: it is formed by characteristic flat cream-colored rocks which penetrate into the sea creating a sort of small fjord.

The channel represents an enchanting setting for a small sandy beach protected from winds and currents. Swimming in the clear waters of the channel you can see underwater caves or fall in love forever: according to a local legend, couples who swim across the channel will remain linked for life.

Lots of romance but also a pinch of thrill: the Canal d’Amour is a great springboard for diving!


14Paralia Arachavi, 491 00, Greece

One of the few beaches easy to reach and therefore very popular along the north coast of Corfu is Roda, a sandy beach almost 6 km long. The northernmost part is called Acharavi, from the name of the village that rises behind the beach.

It is one of the best areas of Corfu for family vacations.

Agios Stefanos

A very impressive sandy beach is the romantic Agios Stefanos, in the western tip of the north coast. The sand is a beautiful reddish-gold color and the sea is clear blue, with calm waters and shallow waters. Perfect for relaxing while admiring breathtaking views!


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article