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Below the weather forecast for Cyprus for today and next days. Weather conditions are updated in real time.
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Right now there are 31 °C
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31° C
29° C
29° C
28° C
WindWSW 3.78
Humidity70 %
Cloudy20 %
Sunrise 05:53
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Cyprus Climate in: best time to visit, weather by month, temperature

Weather conditions in real time and forecasts for the next few days in Cyprus. Climate in in Cyprus, when to go and average monthly temperatures.

The island of Cyprus enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with very hot summers and mild winters; rainfall is concentrated in the winter months. Inland, winters are slightly colder and summers warmer.

Despite the high humidity, the heat is bearable even when temperatures reach their highest peaks because it is mitigated by frequent winds.

The snow is practically non-existent if you exclude some mountainous areas, such as the town of Prodromos at the foot of Mount Olympus, in these areas may also occur storms in the summer months.

When to go to Cyprus

The best time to go to Cyprus if you want to take a beach vacation is definitely the summer, when temperatures are higher, the chances of rain minimum and the days last longer. The beginning and the end of summer are recommended for cheaper prices of flights and hotels; keep in mind that thanks to the Mediterranean climate the bathing season in Cyprus is very long and usually goes from May to October.

If you want to visit archaeological sites and cities is better to go in the spring or between mid-October and November to avoid being under the hot sun for hours. These places are best appreciated when the temperatures are milder.

Temperatures in Cyprus

Overall, Cyprus is the hottest island in the Mediterranean, although average temperatures vary from area to area. The hottest area is the one around the city of Nicosia because it is located on a narrow plain between two mountains that prevent the passage of refreshing sea breezes: here in summer you can get even 40 °.

Along the coast the average summer temperatures are around 32° during the day and 22° at night, while in winter it is usually not lower than 15° for the maximum and 8° for the minimum.

The temperature of the sea water is 25° in the summer months; even in winter it never goes below 17°.

Average annual temperatures

The hottest months of the year in Cyprus are September, July and August, when the monthly average temperature reaches 30 °C, while the coldest months of March, January and February the thermometer drops up to 8 °C.

Max °C171719212428303029272219
Min °C889111518202119161310


In Cyprus rainiest months of the year are January and December during which monthly rainfall average reaches 94 mm. On the other side, driest months are June, July and August when the average rainfall is reduced to 0 mm per month.


Average daily sunshine hours

August, June and July are sunniest months of the year. During that months, from sunrise to sunset there are 13 total sunshine hours in Cyprus. In February, March, November, January and December sunshine hours are reduced to 5.


Sea temperature

Months of the year when sea water is warmer are July, September and August, average temperature is around 27 °C.