Most beautiful beaches in Cyprus

Cyprus is a true Mediterranean dream. Sandy or rocky, free or equipped, lonely or trendy, here are the beaches not to be missed in southern and northern Cyprus.
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The beaches of Cyprus do not fear comparisons with those of the Greek islands: bathed by an incredibly clear Mediterranean Sea that takes on a thousand different shades of blue and framed by landscapes of breathtaking beauty, are perfect for a dream beach vacation.

Prevail the sandy beaches, golden or gray sand, sometimes mixed with stones, pebbles and rocks, but you can also find bays and rocky coves. Some of them are close to the main tourist resorts or traditional villages and are easy to reach, while others are remote and require a 4×4 vehicle to reach them… or you can arrive on foot and enjoy the view.

The areas where the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus are concentrated are the stretch of coast between Pafos and Limassol in the southwest of the island and the tip of Ayia Napa with the Cape Greco park in the southeast.

Do not disdain the northern part of the island, the Turkish one, even if it requires some bureaucratic hassle: few tourists take the trouble to cross the border so the beaches of the Turkish part of Cyprus are still largely untouched.

Aphrodite Beach

1MJ7H+R23, Kouklia, Cipro

The most famous beach of Cyprus is Petra Rou Romiou, also called the beach of Aphrodite because according to Greek mythology it is in this spot that the goddess of love and beauty chose to emerge from the sea.

Located in the region of Pafos, Aphrodite’s birthplace is certainly one of the most photographed in Cyprus, but this enchanting pebble beach is generally not too crowded.

You can admire the huge rock that was, according to the myth, the goddess’s first terrestrial dwelling by walking along the seashore or up from the access road to the beach. It would be a pity, however, not to go for a swim in the transparent waters capable of bewitching a goddess of Olympus.

From Aphrodite’s beach it is possible to reach on foot small less known bays, perfect for those who are looking for tranquility.

Coral Bay

If Petra Rou Romiou is the most famous, Coral Bay can rightly boast the title of the most beautiful beach of Cyprus. Equipped and easily accessible, it is a sandy beach about 500 meters long inside a cove that curves slightly, characterized by golden sand and blue sea. It is also located in the region of Pafos, not far from the beach of Aphrodite.

It is popular with families for its calm waters and facilities and with divers for the magnificent diving sites off the bay.

Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is the beach for young people of Cyprus, a magnificent beach of fine sand 500 meters long that extends in a narrow tongue that connects the mainland to an uninhabited islet. It is located in the area of Ayia Napa, the nerve center of the nightlife of Cyprus, and is famous for the beach bars that organize parties from late afternoon until night.

The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and the waters incredibly clear, but the atmosphere is not exactly idyllic. We recommend this beach to those looking for fun and families who do not disdain crowded places to let their children play in calm and clean waters.

Konnos Bay

4Kavo Greko Road, Ayia Napa 5330, Cipro

Located at the eastern end of Ayia Napa, the small and intimate beach of Konnos Bay seems light years away from the hustle and bustle of the beach clubs and parties that have made the area famous.

Set in a beautiful bay in the Cape Greco National Park, it is a beach of fine sand bathed by crystal clear waters. The natural scenery is breathtakingly beautiful: the green of the maritime pines that cover the rocky promontories around the bay creates a magnificent contrast with the golden color of the sand and the blue of the sea.

Particularly recommended for those who love nature, it is also a beach suitable for those traveling with small children for the services available and the calm and safe waters. Unfortunately, it is not a hidden secret so do not expect to have the beach all to yourself.

Lady's Mile Beach

5Tserkezoi 4645, Regno Unito

Along the coast of Limassol, not far from the city port, extends Lady’s Mile, the longest beach of Cyprus. In spite of its name, it is much longer than a mile: eight kilometers to be exact!

Recommended for those who love to walk by the sea, this beach of sand and stones is also perfect for those who want to end a relaxing day in the sun with a tasty fish dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea. It is frequented more by locals than tourists.

Pissouri Beach

6Pissouri Beach - Blue Flag, Pissouri 4607, Cipro

About halfway between Pafos and Limassos is the bay of Pissouri with its beige sandy beach covered here and there with stones and pebbles of various colors, partly equipped and partly free. After having taken a dip in the clear waters that lap Pissouri Bay climb to the top of the nearby cliffs of Cape Aspro to admire the bay from above.

At the eastern end of Pissouri Beach, a few rocks block the view, offering privacy and discretion to naturists who venture beyond in order to get a full sunbath. This area of Pissouri Beach is one of the few areas in Cyprus where nudism is allowed.

Blue Lagoon

7Blue Lagoon, Cipro

Accessible only by foot, quad bike or boat, the beautiful Blue Lagoon beach is one of the wonders of Cyprus and one of the best beaches for snorkeling. What strikes visitors is the variety of shades of blue and azure sea and the clarity of its waters.

Set in the magnificent natural environment of the Akamas Park, on the west coast of Cyprus, Blue Lagoon is a dream place that you can not miss in the program of your vacation.

Lara Beach

Another beach not easy to reach but worth the effort of the trip is Lara Beach, divided into two bays: South Lara and North Lara. The latter is larger and is famous because this is where loggerhead turtles come to lay their eggs.

You may find cages scattered here and there: do not touch them and absolutely do not move them, they are used to protect the turtles’ eggs.

Lara Beach is not equipped and there is only a small bar and restaurant. During the week is very quiet, while in the weekend is more crowded.

Fig Tree Bay

9Fig Tree Bay, Protaras 5296, Cipro

Fig Tree Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches along the east coast of Cyprus, near Protaras. Easy to reach, it is an equipped sandy beach bordered by a rocky area. Those who prefer to swim in this area, more suitable for snorkelling, can easily go down into the water thanks to the steps.

Services and water sports are not lacking, as well as bars, restaurants and stores in the area.

Golden Beach

If you don’t like mass tourism, leave the Republic of Cyprus to visit the Turkish part of the island. Here you can still breathe an atmosphere of yesteryear and the beaches have remained wild and lonely.

Among the beaches of northern Cyprus the most beautiful is undoubtedly Golden Beach in the Karpaz peninsula. It is a beach of fine white sand lapped by crystal clear waters, 10 km long. Behind it grows a rich Mediterranean vegetation, mostly junipers and mastic trees hidden behind the dunes.

Golden Beach is not equipped but there are some very spartan kiosks that offer a simple and tasty fish cuisine. It is a perfect place for those who love nature, peace, beautiful sea and the small joys of life.


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article