Tours and activities in Santorini

Santorini is a beautiful and romantic island. In addition to its black sand beaches Thira is famous for its museums, archaeological sites and excursions.
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Santorini is an island that offers so much to the visitor, from sports to the most romantic visits, you can book different activities and excursions online.

Sipping a glass of white wine while admiring one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life, exploring the nearby islands, waiting for the right moment to take amazing photos, diving into a pool with breathtaking views of the caldera… you can fill your days in Santorini with unforgettable memories!

We have selected for you – on this page – a series of unique activities, follow our tips on what to do in Santorini, buy them online and set out to discover the wonderful island of the Cyclades.

Boat tours and excursions

Escursione in barca a Santorini
Not to be missed is a boat excursion in the Caldera

Given its strong tourist vocation, it is not surprising that in Santorini there is a very wide range, we could even say too much, of organized tours.

The most popular are the sunset tours, to see the sunset from a boat or from a particular vantage point. The prices of the tours vary greatly depending on the duration and whether or not they include dinner, aperitif or musical accompaniment.

Another very popular excursion from Santorini is the cruise to the islets of the caldera, Nea Kameni, Palia Kameni and Thirasia; generally this excursion by motor boat or catamaran includes a stop at the ancient crater and hot water springs and is a fascinating way to learn more about the volcanic origin of the island.

Wine Tasting

Degustazione vino a Santorini
Wine and food tourism has grown a lot in the last years also in Santorini

On the island of Santorini are produced with an autochthonous grape variety, called assyrtiko, white and rose wines.

You will surely have the chance to taste them during a dinner at a restaurant, but in case you want to know them better, or in case you want a break from walking under the sun and idle hours on the beach, you can visit one of the wineries of the island and maybe end the visit with a guided tasting of local wines.

The most famous winery of Santorini, as well as the most tourist oriented, is SantoWines, managed by a cooperative of local producers. You can take part in the short guided tour of the winery and then choose one of the tastings offered at the wine bar: excellent wines and spectacular views, a winning combination.

Treat yourself to a food and wine tour in Santorini and stop in one of the many innovative restaurants, classy bistros, small cozy taverns of traditional cuisine or in the wineries open to visitors, all combined with a fascinating and exciting scenery!

Trekking and photography

Foto tramonto Oia
Oia is probably the most photographed village of Santorini

Even if walking is not your favorite activity, Santorini will make you want to: with its unique views, a walk on the ridge of the caldera in search of the most beautiful view, of course with your camera around your neck, is a must.

You can limit yourself to the walks around Fira, but if you want a more rewarding trekking push up to Oia: it is not particularly difficult but it is definitely more challenging than an urban walk, so follow all the normal precautions for a long walk (avoid the hottest hours, protect yourself with sunscreen, bring plenty of water).

If you prefer to take quick shots and selfie of tourists hit and run, Santorini will offer almost every corner an opportunity for framing shots: for its unique beauty, the island is truly a paradise for photographers.

Getting married in Santorini

More and more couples are choosing to have their wedding in Santorini and exchange vows at sunset in the small churches perched on the caldera.

Matrimoni a Santorini
Santorini is a very popular location for weddings

Lately more and more couples are choosing the fantastic island of Santorini for their most important day! Weddings in Santorini are a wonderful experience for both the bride and groom and their guests because of the uniqueness and romance that you can feel at every corner of this island, the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

Why not exchange your vows of eternal love in one of the many small white churches with blue domes and a splendid view of the caldera, perhaps at sunset when the golden light of the sun floods the landscape with beautiful plays of color?

Or in one of the chapels overlooking the beautiful black beaches? All perhaps flooded by the intoxicating traditional Greek music and the joy of the inhabitants of the island who love to celebrate with those who choose their land to say yes!

Imagine your wedding album with photos taken among the small cobbled streets of Fira or one of the many villages of Santorini and be tempted by the idea of having a dream wedding and honeymoon!

Excellence is in the details so choose for your bouquet the local flowers, lilies or lilium for example, and buy the rings in one of the many jewelry stores on the island.

Remember that couples wishing to marry in Santorini must prepare the documents before leaving their country.


Boat tours and cruises in Santorini

Boat tours and cruises in Santorini

One of the best ways to discover Santorini, the small islands of the caldera and its most beautiful beaches is to take part in a boat tour of the island.