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Below the weather forecast for Santorini for today and next days. Weather conditions are updated in real time.
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Today in Santorini
scattered clouds
Right now there are 11 °C
12° C
12° C
13° C
13° C
13° C
WindWNW 4.5
Humidity54 %
Cloudy40 %
Sunrise 07:19
Weather forecast in Santorini for the next few days
Friday 3
Saturday 4
Sunday 5
Monday 6
Tuesday 7
Wednesday 8

Santorini climate: when to go, temperatures and rainfall

Santorini is characterized by the Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, short winters. The summer season runs from May to mid-September.

The island of Santorini enjoys the typical temperate Mediterranean climate, with hot, sunny and dry summers and mild and short winters. During the summer months average temperatures reach 34° in July, while in winter they do not fall below 9° in January. The months with the most precipitation are January and February, while in months like October and March the weather remains relatively warm.

The summer season opens quite early and already by the end of April many tourists come to the island of Santorini and, thanks to very favorable weather conditions, they can already swim in the sea. The good weather affects the island of Thira for many months making it ideal for a visit in all periods of the year even if the most popular months are those ranging from June to September inclusive.

In the evening a fresh breeze caresses the island giving coolness, especially in summer, after a long day of sun. Rains are almost totally absent on the island of Santorini except for rare exceptions, 3 centimeters per month, from November to February.

Average annual temperatures

The hottest months of the year in Santorini are June, July and August, when the monthly average temperature reaches 29 °C, while the coldest months of March, December, January and February the thermometer drops up to 10 °C.

Max °C141416182327292926231915
Min °C101011131721232321181411


In Santorini rainiest months of the year are January and December during which monthly rainfall average reaches 75 mm. On the other side, driest months are July, June and August when the average rainfall is reduced to 0 mm per month.


Daylight Hours

June, August and July are sunniest months of the year. During that months, from sunrise to sunset there are 14 total light hours in Santorini. In January, February and December daylight hours are reduced to 6.


Sea temperature

Months of the year when sea water is warmer are July, September and August, average temperature is around 25 °C.