Nightlife in Mykonos

Nights that never end, transgressive parties without inhibitions, music and drinks: the nightlife of Mykonos is a legend to be lived at all hours.
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Many things have changed since Mykonos was the hippy paradise of the seventies, but two constants have remained: the beauty of the landscapes and the beach parties. These two elements combined have made the fortune of Mykonos, which over the years has built a solid and now unshakable reputation as the best Greek island for nightlife.

The legendary nightlife of Mykonos has no timetable and takes place between beach bars, disco-pubs and mega discos. Gone are the days of the hippies, Mykonos today is expensive and chic so expect to pay up to 12 euros (or more!) for a cocktail.

The high prices don’t seem to scare off the droves of young people who flock here every summer from all over Europe for a fun-filled vacation. If you come in search of movida, you too will not regret the money you spent.

The fun zones of Mykonos

The nerve center of Mykonos nightlife is Paradise Beach with the adjacent Super Paradise Beach, which are located along the southern coast of the island. In both beaches you will find an uninterrupted row of bars and clubs crowded at all hours of the day, including the most famous discos and beach clubs of the island. Between aperitifs, pre-party, parties and after-party the fun is non-stop.

Of the two beaches, Super Paradise Beach is considered the most transgressive and is a popular destination for gay tourists. Another beach famous for beach parties is Psarou, in the area of Platis Gialos in the southwest of the island.

The Chora, the historic center of Mykonos Town, is another area with a high concentration of nightclubs. You will not find the megadiscos of Paradise Beach, but you can spend long nights of fun going from one bar to another: the movida of Mykonos Town in fact takes place between pubs, disco-bars, traditional taverns and elegant lounge bars.

Some places attract a very young clientele looking for happy hour and promo drinks but the majority is located at the opposite end, addressing a chic clientele that does not mind spending money to live an exclusive experience.

Discos and beach clubs in Mykonos

In Mykonos, the concept of nightlife is quite broad because the fun starts well before sunset and continues uninterrupted until the next morning. Generally, the opening hours of the Mykonos discos are 23:30-7:30 but the clubs do not fill up until 2am, while the beach bars are crowded from early afternoon.

Some disco-pubs and beach bars have free entrance with compulsory consumption, while the entrance to the discos is always on payment and is not exactly cheap: for the trendiest ones the price of the entrance ticket is around 30-40 euros.

The most famous disco in Mykonos is Cavo Paradiso, a temple of nightlife in Europe with an area of over 3000 square meters. Open since 1993, has hosted more than 1000 parties animated by the best international DJs and is a must for those who want to live in full the nightlife of Mykonos.

Here are 10 more discos and beach bars not to be missed in Mykonos:

Other recommended clubs

If you don’t like wild crowds or for one night you want to slow down the pace of your vacation, here are some alternatives to the trendiest clubs: