The most beautiful beaches of Mykonos

In Mykonos there are beaches for all tastes! Do not miss the legendary Paradise Beach, which becomes a disco on the beach from the first light of the evening!
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Mykonos is famous worldwide as a party destination, but in reality this transgressive, worldly and rowdy island is the perfect destination for a wonderful beach vacation.

The beaches of Mykonos satisfy all tastes: in addition to the party beaches that attract droves of young people from all over Europe with the prospect of alcohol and loud music 7 days a week, in Mykonos you can also find remote coves still uncontaminated and equipped beaches with all services, perfect for families with small children.

Here is a guide to the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, divided by area.

Where to find the best beaches of Mykonos?

Most of the beaches of Mykonos are concentrated along the southern coast because this is more sheltered from the winds: here you will find the trendiest beaches of the island and many equipped beaches.

Along the north and west coasts you will find wilder-looking, less crowded beaches; they are generally windier than the beaches on the south coast.

There are no particularly interesting beaches along the east coast.

South Coast Beaches

Paradise Beach

1Καλαμοπόδι, Μύκονος 846 00, Greece

Paradise Beach is probably the most famous tourist attraction of the island of Mykonos: every year it attracts crowds of young people, mostly singles, from all over Europe.

The music is the protagonist of the days and nights of Paradise Beach, on which overlook the trendiest clubs of the island where the best DJs of the international scene play.

But the fun at Paradise Beach starts long before the discos open, thanks to the legendary beach parties and beach bars that blast music at very high volume, 7 days a week.

If you liked this beach do not miss Super Paradise Beach, even more fashionable and transgressive.

Super Paradise Beach

2Paralia Super Paradise, 846 00, Greece

This golden sandy beach is located within a small but deep bay surrounded by hills and has several beach bars that are famous for their party nights.

If you come here in the morning, the bay will seem quiet and relaxed but as soon as the afternoon sets in, the atmosphere transforms and the beach becomes a disco!

Huge parties are held every day on this beach, which is a favourite with gay tourists who gather on the right-hand side of the beach, where there is a club with a swimming pool, while the rest of the beach is occupied by an eclectic crowd enjoying themselves with or without clothes on.

Super Paradise Beach is open to nudism, so much so that in some places it is almost a must, and it is always crowded.

The beach is located on the south coast, 6 km from the centre of Mykonos and is considered the most alternative and non-conformist beach on the island.

There are plenty of villas and flats for rent in the surrounding hills but if you want to stay here during July and August you’ll need to book well in advance!


Psarou Beach
Psarou Beach

If Paradise Beach is the wildest beach of Mykonos, Psarou is certainly the most chic.

Always crowded, often frequented by VIPs and celebrities and surrounded by bars and luxury restaurants, this white sandy beach is a catwalk of worldliness perfect for those who love to watch and be watched.

Legendary beach parties are also held here, aimed at a much more “in” crowd than the young transgressors of Paradise Beach.


4Αγραρι 846 00, Greece

The beach of Agrari is located along the southern coast of Mykonos, not far from the famous beach of Elia, together with which it forms one long sandy beach.

Not much frequented by tourists and still with its original charm, this equipped bay is picturesque also thanks to the beautiful and crystal clear waters.

Agrari is one of the quietest beaches of the southern coast, it is sand and pebbles, it has medium size and it is loved by naturists and it is gay friendly.

There is only one restaurant and a bar where you can relax at a table under the shade of the trees to get a break from the summer sun, refresh yourself and take part in pleasant beach parties.

Agrari can also be reached by boat from Platys Gialos. It can be reached by bus or cab; from Agrari you can easily reach the beach of Elia on foot.

Kalo Livadi

5Paralia Kalo Livadi, 846 00, Greece

Kalo Livadi beach is located along the southeastern coast of Mykonos 2 kilometers from the traditional village of Ano Mera and 10 from Chora.

Quiet and ideal for relaxation, the beach is among the longest of Mykonos, is equipped and is located at the end of a scenic valley dotted with small white houses.

The beach of fine golden sand falls into shallow turquoise waters and offers the possibility of practicing various water sports including windsurfing thanks to the winds that blow from the south.

In the center of the bay is a rock formation known as Kalafakiona, popular with fishermen for catching lobsters in the small caves below.

Kalo Livadi is popular with Greek tourists and is ideal for families with children and anyone wishing to spend a few days away from the noisy crowds.

On the beach you will find a couple of bars, a restaurant and some taverns where you can take a break from the summer sun. Not far away is the beach of Elia.


6C8FF+FF, Ornos 846 00, Greece

In spite of its reputation as a destination for young people, Mykonos is also a suitable island for family vacations: just avoid the most transgressive beaches and choose a quiet one like Ornos. The fine sand, the calm and clean waters, the numerous services available and the ease in finding nearby accommodation with a good quality-price ratio make Ornos an ideal destination for families with small children.

The beach is located inside a large gulf and looks south, it is deep but quiet. Exactly the opposite of Ornos is the bay to the north, the bay of Korfos, and therefore suitable for windsurfing.

In Ornos there are some of the most famous hotels and vacation villages of Mykonos and lately also many luxurious villas have been built in the surrounding area.

In Ornos beach there is a small harbor for fishing boats and an anchorage point for yachts.

Ornos Beach is located 4 kilometers southwest of Mykonos Town.

Agia Anna

Agia Anna Beach is located just minutes from Kalafatis Beach, along the southern coast in eastern Mykonos.

This small, hidden cove of pebbles and sand is named after a small chapel and is surrounded by a pleasant landscape.

Quiet and far from mass tourism, the beach of Agia Anna has on both ends of the rocky areas from where to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding hills. The two steep hills overhanging the sea between Agia Anna and Kalafatis are known as Divounia.

In the area near the beach there are restaurants, taverns, rooms for rent and a hotel. It can be reached with a rental car, by cab or thanks to the crowded public buses.


Kalafatis is a beautiful beach along the southeastern coast of Mykonos, not far from the village of Ano Mera and 12 kilometers from Chora. This beach is one of the most famous of the island among surfers who take advantage of the winds coming from the south and fly over the waves of this large bay.

The light golden sand flows into clear waters ideal for swimming and just behind the beach there is a large shady area to relax.

Kalafatis beach is equipped and you can take windsurfing and diving lessons at the local school where you can also find the necessary equipment for rent.

Not far away is the beach of Agia Anna, more sheltered and less crowded.

It is possible to spend the night in Kalafatis in one of the small hotels behind it or in the apartments for rent on the left side of the hill that surrounds the bay. Many small restaurants can be found in the area, often specializing in local fish dishes.

From Kalafatis you can embark to the small and rocky Dragonisi, a small island off the east coast of Mykonos famous for its caves.


Ideal for relaxation, Lia beach is a small quiet bay much loved by the islanders. The beach is located on the southeastern coast of Mykonos near Kalafatis and 14 kilometers from the capital.

Ideal for those who wish to spend a day at sea away from the crowds, from here, as from most southern beaches, you can see the outlines of the islands of Naxos and Paros.

The sand and pebble beach, flanked by rock formations, offers the possibility of renting umbrellas and sunbeds, practicing water sports and refreshment in the beach bar or in one of the taverns behind it. Its blue waters, white sand and rocks create the perfect combination for swimming, diving and snorkeling.

Lia is not reachable by public transport: if you want to spend a day in this paradisiacal bay you have to rent a car. The route is easy and goes through the village of Ano Mera. Once past the village continue south on a marked asphalt road through the countryside.

You can find various types of accommodation in the area of Lia. Ideal for groups of friends and families.

North Coast Beaches

Agios Sostis

10Paralia Agios Sostis, 846 00, Greece

One of the few unspoiled beaches of Mykonos is Agios Sostis, a small cove at the northern mouth of the large central bay of the island, 4 and a half kilometers from the city, which faces east after the beach of Panormos.

Remote and quiet this bay also loved by nudists and ideal for admiring the sunrise, has no umbrellas and sunbeds to rent and is protected on windy days.

Of fine and coarse sand, the beach of Agios Sostis, 250 meters long, slopes gently into the crystal clear sea.

A small tavern where you can refresh yourself and taste typical Greek dishes is located just above the beach. Not far away you can see the small church that gives its name to the beach.

Agios Sostis can be reached with a rented car or with a cab but it is completely excluded from public transport routes.


The beautiful beach of Panormos is located in the north of the island, facing east, along the western coast of the large bay of Mykonos.

The long and narrow beach of fine white sand of Panormos, ideal when the winds blow from the south, is not equipped and retains its wild side thanks to the small dunes.

The sea is suitable even for the youngest and inexperienced since the water is shallow and the seabed is sandy.

The rocks around the entrance of the beach create shallow pools of sea water, ideal for relaxation. The right side of the beach is usually frequented by nudists while on the left side you can find some natural shade, food and music.

Immediately after Panormos there is the beach of Agios Sostis, an even wilder and very beautiful bay.

Despite its remote location, Panormos Bay is served by two restaurants, a hotel and some room rentals.

Far from public transportation routes, this quieter and more secluded area of the island can only be reached by rental car or cab.


12Μυρσίνη, Μύκονος 846 00, Grecia

Mersini (or Merisini) Beach is located one kilometer away from Fokos Beach along the northern coast of Mykonos Island.

Quiet and secluded, almost unknown to most, this enchanting sandy bay is not equipped at all.

Much loved by surfers, Mersini beach is also ideal for snorkeling given its sandy and rocky seabed.

The nearest tavern is located in Fokos so we suggest you to bring everything you need with you, water, food and snacks, if you want to visit this enchanted bay.

The beach of Merisini can be reached from the village of Ano Mera only by private means, rental car, scooter or cab, since this area is practically unknown to the public transport of the island.

Keep in mind that the road leads through farmland and is not the best, in fact it is quite bumpy, and consider the option of reaching it by boat.


Quiet and secluded, Fokos Beach is located along the northern coast of Mykonos.

Almost completely unknown to tourists due to the bumpy road you have to take to reach it and the distance from Mykonos Town, the beach is surrounded by wild and beautiful scenery.

Fokos is a fine sandy beach, not equipped, with deep waters and surrounded by steep rocks, ideal for swimming when the winds blow from the south and for surfers when the Meltemi sweeps the island and creates good waves in the bay.

A small taverna serves delicious traditional Greek cuisine right next to the beach. We recommend you to order the cuttlefish, delicious!

Fokos can be reached only by private means, rental car or cab, following the signs from Ano Mera and taking a dirt road. The beach is located just after the artificial lake of Marathi, which offers the island with fresh water, and just before the hidden and unknown bay of Mersini.


14Paralia Ftelias, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Ftelia beach is located at the end of the large bay at the center of the northern coast of the island of Mykonos and is the ideal destination for surfers when the Meltemi, the wind coming from the north that caresses the archipelago of the Cyclades, blows.

Frequented and much appreciated by fans of surfing Ftelia is a large beach of fine sand not very crowded and very quiet despite being easily accessible from nearby Chora.

The beach is not equipped but you can refresh yourself in one of the taverns that are located at the ends. The landscape of sand and rocks is suggestive and wild and is ideal for swimming when the winds blow from the south.

In the area of Ftelia you will find private houses and villas, some small hotels, apartments and rooms for rent overlooking the beach.

The beach is also known for the Neolithic archaeological site unearthed several years ago, believed to be the tomb of the ancient Iliad hero Ajax of Oileo.

West Coast Beaches


15Houlakia, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Houlakia Beach is located 5 kilometers north of Mykonos Town and is famous for its wild beauty. The beach is part of a protected area and is very picturesque also thanks to the white houses built behind it.

Not very frequented also because it is not protected from the wind that blows from the north, Houlakia is one of the few non-sandy beaches of the island.

The bay is actually divided into two parts: on the left you can find a small stretch of sand, where you can rent some umbrellas and sunbeds, while on the right the coast is composed of large rounded and smooth pebbles .

Houlakia beach is the ideal place to admire the sunset when the sun plunges into the sea behind the island of Delos creating a beautiful and multicolored show.

Near Houlakia we recommend you to visit the lighthouse of Fanari and the archaeological site of Vorna where you can admire the ruins of an ancient castle.

Agios Ioannis

16Paralia Agios Ioannis, Grecia

The beach of Agios Ioannis is the most popular of the beaches of the west coast of Mykonos and is located in front of the shores of the island of Delos and the island of Rheina and just after the bays of Ornos and Korfos from which it is separated by the long mountain of Diakofti.

Ideal for admiring the sunsets, especially in September, Agios Ioannis is also famous by the name of Shirley Valentine from the 1989 film starring the Oscar-nominated actress Pauline Collins that made it famous worldwide.

This small, light sandy beach is surrounded by hills and is bisected by some rocks. The beach drops into crystal clear waters that are not very deep and rather calm, ideal for children.

On the right side of Agios Ioannis there is the pier, a small beach and a large parking area while beyond the rocky area there is the larger area of beach.

The beach has a calm and relaxed atmosphere but if you like solitude you can choose one of the nearby coves or the beach of Kapari, without services or shade.

A part of Agios Ioannis is equipped, moreover you can taste one of the traditional Greek dishes in one of the taverns a few steps away from the sea. Along the slopes of the hill overlooking the beach you can find boutique hotels, family run hotels, villas and apartments for rent.

It is located just 5 km from the capital, has all essential services and is also easily accessible by public transport.

Beaches by theme

Do you want to look for the best beach for you regardless of the area? Do you want to be the center of attention or on the contrary stay away from the crowd?

To help you choose, we have grouped the best beaches in Mykonos divided by audience type:


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article.