Best beaches in Milos

The island of Milos boasts some of the most beautiful beaches of all the Greek islands. Enchanting and sometimes surreal landscapes await you!
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The island of Milos is a paradise for those who love sea vacations. And not only because it has so many beaches – more than 70 – but because its beaches are quite varied and some of them truly unique.

A beach vacation in Milos is an experience you will not be able to have on any other island. You can photograph glittering ice-colored rocks, hold on to a rope to descend a cove between the rocks, witness the bizarre scene of a door opening and a person diving into the water. Or simply sleep, sunbathe, swim in crystal clear waters, sip a drink at sunset, indulge in a succulent seafood dinner or opt for the local specialty of sea-flavored meat.

Some of Milos’ beaches are easily reached by driving along paved roads in excellent condition, but many others-including some of the island’s most beautiful-are difficult or impossible to reach by land. A boat trip around the island of Milos to discover the most remote and picturesque beaches is therefore strongly recommended.

Which beach to choose in Milos depends not only on tastes and roads, but also on winds. For example, on a day when the sirocco blows from the south, beaches on the northern coast are recommended; if, on the other hand, the dreaded meltemi – the wind from the north – blows, it is better to move to the southern coast.

Our zoned guide to the most beautiful beaches on Milos will help you find the beach of your dreams even on a windy day!

North Coast Beaches

Along the north coast are some of the most famous beaches on Milos; in particular, the most popular stretch of coast is from Plaka to Apollonia.

Sarakiniko is one of the main tourist attractions on Milos: it is a beach formed by perlite cliffs, the island’s characteristic white rock, and a tongue of sea wedged between these shimmering rocks, creating a striking contrast between blue and white. You will feel like you are at the North Pole admiring a glacier, but the warm Mediterranean temperatures will remind you that you are in Greece.

Unfortunately, Sarakiniko beach is always very crowded, so if you want to enjoy it quietly, we recommend arriving here early in the morning. Stock up on food and drinks at the kiosk in the parking lot because once you get off you won’t find any refreshment stand and you won’t want to redo a 10-minute walk just for a sandwich (yes, it takes about 10 minutes to walk down to the beach).

Another thing to keep in mind is that the water is a bit murky because of the white powder that is released from the rocks. Sarakiniko is not the best beach on Milos for swimming, but you would be crazy to leave the island without seeing this natural wonder for yourself.

Firopotamos is special for its old-time village atmosphere: on this sandy beach framed by rocks are the characteristic syrmata with their colorful gates overlooking the sea. These typical buildings were once used by fishermen as boathouses, now converted into houses and some are rented out to tourists. Don’t be surprised if suddenly someone opens the door and jumps straight into the sea!

Another nice beach in this area is Mandrakia beach, famous for its renowned tavern with fish dishes that is considered one of the best in Milos. The taverna is so famous that we recommend that you make a reservation to avoid a very long wait or even worse risk not finding a table.

A little-known but very beautiful beach along the north coast is Alogomantra: unmarked and therefore somewhat difficult to reach, it is the ideal place for lonely souls seeking tranquility. Remote and wild, it actually consists of two beaches: a large sandy beach and a smaller one bordered by rocks that invite a dip.

Moving eastward from the Plaka you will find Klima, another beach with syrmata features, much more crowded and touristy than Firopotamos. Continuing in the same direction opens a wide gulf, along which you will not encounter any bathing beaches.

The only interesting beach on the east side of the northern coast of Milos is Fatourena, located near the Rivani ornithology reserve, about 2 km from the nearest village. It is a wild-looking beach, popular with naturists.

Beaches on the south coast

Moving from the north to the south coast, the beauty of the beaches remains unchanged: that is, an enchantment.

The most famous beach on the south coast as well as one of the most beautiful in all of Milos is Tsigrado, an enchanting sandy beach within a bay nestled between dramatic cliffs and washed by the clearest sea.

Breathtakingly beautiful, it is probably the most photographed on the island… but many tourists settle for the photo because going down to the beach is a chilling experience: you’ll have to lower yourself into a cove between two rocks by clinging to a rope, after which you’ll climb down a ladder.

Those who have done it say it is easier than it looks from photos and videos, and in fact it must not be that bad since the beach is always crowded. However, not infrequently some tourists get stuck in a panic, creating a long line of people wanting to get on or off. Best to arrive early in the morning and leave before the crowds arrive.

Firiplaka Beach

After leaving Tsigrado take refuge in nearby Firiplaka, a beach with much easier access; moreover, this beach is very long, so you will find a nook all to yourself even during peak season. Another good alternative is Provatas, a partly free and partly equipped golden sand beach.

Both Firiplaka and Provatas have shallow waters and calm waters, so they are suitable for those traveling with young children and inexperienced swimmers.

Another beach not to be missed along the south coast of Milos is Paleochori, one of the most mundane on the entire island. 1 km long and surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, it alternates between equipped and free areas and is famous for its taverns and beach bars where you can enjoy a culinary specialty of the island of Milos, namely lamb in the sand.

West Coast Beaches

The west coast of Milos is infrequently visited because the roads to get to the beaches are not exactly in very good condition, so much so that some car rental companies impose a clause in the contract prohibiting transit in this area or allowing it only upon payment of a deposit.

Even if you want to pay, there are few beaches on the west coast that can be reached by car. The most beautiful ones, such as Kleftifo and Sykia, can only be reached by boat. They are not real beaches, but in all travel guides and magazines they are listed as the best places to swim in Milos.

You can swim inside narrow caves or in the middle of a crater, admiring towering rock formations of the most bizarre shapes or seabeds teeming with fish. An unmissable experience for snorkelers.

Kleftifo and Sykia can be visited on one of the many boat excursions organized by local tour operators. Almost all excursions include a stop for swimming, but it is best to ask before buying a ticket.

Of those that can be reached by car or scooter, the three most beautiful beaches on the west coast are Ammoudaraki, Triades, and Agathia. The latter is perhaps the loneliest and most picturesque.

East coast beaches

The east coast of Milos is also wild, with few beaches generally almost all difficult to reach. It is the best area for those who like pebble and stone beaches: Tria Pigadia, Kastanas and Kolympisionas are definitely worth a visit.

The beaches on the east coast are suitable for those who want relaxation and peace, away from the hustle and bustle, and for those who like snorkeling.

Other beaches not to be missed in Milos

What we have indicated above is just a short list of the most beautiful beaches in Milos. To this you can also add Agios Sostis, Kalogries, the town beaches of Apollonia (Ya Banaki and Pelekouda), Agios Kostantinos, Mytikas, Aiga Kuriaki, and many, many more.