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Below the weather forecast for Crete for today and next days. Weather conditions are updated in real time.
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Today in Crete
few clouds
Right now there are 12 °C
10° C
8° C
8° C
9° C
14° C
WindWSW 2.09
Humidity67 %
Cloudy15 %
Sunrise 07:18
Weather forecast in Crete for the next few days
Friday 3
Saturday 4
Sunday 5
Monday 6
Tuesday 7
Wednesday 8

Crete climate: when to go, temperatures and rainfall

The climate of Crete is typically Mediterranean characterized by hot and sunny summers and mild and often rainy winters especially in December.

The island of Crete is located in one of the most southern points of Europe and is bathed by the Aegean Sea to the north and the Libyan Sea to the south. Thanks to its location, Crete is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, sunny and dry summers and winters, however, mild and often rainy especially in December.

As far as temperatures are concerned, there are significant differences between the inland and mountainous areas and the coastal areas, but also between the western and eastern parts; in fact, the province of Chania is more humid and cooler than the province of Lassithi and this also affects the vegetation which on one side is green and lush while on the other is desert-like.

For this reason, the best period for a vacation in Crete goes from April to November, month in which it is still possible to bathe along the southern coast of the island. However, the months of May, September and October prove to be the ideal months for a vacation in Crete, not only for the climate, but also for the smaller flow of tourists who visit the island in these periods.

Average annual temperatures

The hottest months of the year in Crete are June, July and August, when the monthly average temperature reaches 29 °C, while the coldest months of March, December, January and February the thermometer drops up to 8 °C.

Max °C161617202428292927242117
Min °C8810121518222119161310


In Crete rainiest months of the year are January and December during which monthly rainfall average reaches 89 mm. On the other side, driest months are September, June, July and August when the average rainfall is reduced to 1 mm per month.


Daylight Hours

August and July are sunniest months of the year. During that months, from sunrise to sunset there are 13 total light hours in Crete. In March, January, February, November and December daylight hours are reduced to 3.


Sea temperature

Months of the year when sea water is warmer are July, September and August, average temperature is around 25 °C.